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About Delivery Services

On The Road Delivery Service is in Walkerton, Ontario which is in Bruce County.  I started my business on Sept. 4/2008. The business is a family run business. My husband and I do it all!  My husband and I are the only ones that do the deliveries.  We deliver in a Dodge Grand Caravan so if it fits we will deliver it! Our business delivers catered food for weddings and we deliver to meetings and more.  On The Road Delivery does fresh or frozen food for farmers (or anyone else) and we deliver it to restaurants too.  See our page Food Delivery for more information. Furthermore, our business specializes in the delivery of perishable and fragile items.  If you need more information about our services you will see our delivery experience listed below.

About Our Experience

Our delivery service has a wide variety of experience and that includes produce pick up, document delivery, product delivery, tickets for charity events, catered food for weddings etc., pizza and sushi, taking packages to the airport and more.  On The Road Delivery provides great customer service, quick delivery, and great value. We have a lot of experience in a lot of different things.  You name it, we deliver it. While we are a small business my husband and I work hard to help and satisfy our customers.  More importantly with our experience, you can be sure we will get the job done to your satisfaction!  Please Contact Us to see our business hours.

How Our Delivery Service Is Different than Most

Other delivery companies usually just do restaurant and convenience store deliveries locally and sometimes take you gas if you run out as well. Courier companies deliver mostly packages but we are both a courier and delivery service.  On The Road Delivery Service is a regional delivery service that delivers across most of Ontario.  We deliver products like glass, office chairs, take live animals to the airport and so much more. We specialize in fragile and perishable items. Our service doesn’t charge by product size of weight like other couriers do. So whatever you need picked up or delivered call us at 519-377-1649 now.


“Very professional, efficient, reliable, quick”, Barb caterer serving Brockton”. See more reviews at alignable

Customer Referral Discount

Farmers Produce
Farmers Market Produce

Finally if you are happy with us and refer us you to someone who uses us you will get a discount.  You will get a 25% discount after they get their first delivery from us.

Business Payments Accepted

Businesses can pay by e-transfer, or cash.