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On The Road Delivery Service

On The Road Delivery Service is in Walkerton, Ontario.  Do you have a need for a  delivery service & courier services?  We do delivery servicecourier services, product delivery, fresh food, grocery delivery and more.  Do you need us to deliver to Owen Sound, Toronto, Collingwood, Barrie or other areas? We will save you money by freeing up your time so you can look after running your business.  On The Road Delivery offers a quick, friendly delivery and courier services.  If you need fragile items handled with special care give us a call.  We specialize in doing deliveries of fragile and perishable items.  You can trust us with them. Only some of the services we provide are listed below.  Give us a call today at 519-377-1649.

Delivery Service

Our delivery service does fresh food and frozen food delivery, grocery delivery, or mail, deliveries of products, auto parts, plans.  If you need us to go to Flesherton, Owen Sound, Toronto, Collingwood, Barrie  or anywhere else please let us know as soon as you can.

Courier Services

Are you a small business looking for a local courier that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg? On The Road Delivery can pick up and deliver your important business documents, printing, packages etc., so you can focus on your business and keeping your over-head low. We do courier services for packages, products, invoices etc..  We can even pick up that office chair you need.  We do scheduled courier services as well as rush jobs. We can pick up and take your products to the Toronto airport if you need us to.  On The Road Delivery also does courthouse documents, real estate documents, invoices, collection notices, whatever you need! We’ll take good care of your fragile or perishable items too.  Click on Hours of Operation for our business hours and contact information.  Prices and quotes are only given by phone or in person, not by e-mail!

Grocery Delivery

Let On The Road Delivery do your grocery delivery for you.  This will save you time and won’t allow you to pick up extra items you don’t really need.  We will do your grocery shopping and grocery delivery for your.  You can use your own grocery list or call us for one.   You choose which store you want us to do your grocery shopping and grocery delivery from.

 Fresh Food 

For more information on a pick up or delivery of fresh food to or from farmers or chef’s please go to food-delivery.  We are experienced at doing fresh food, and frozen food.

Save Money By Referring a Business

If you know a business that needs us too, we can give you a referral discount.  Also see our discount for new customers.  For more info go to About Our Delivery Services.

Where To Find Our Delivery Service Online

See On The Road Delivery’s blog at Cathy’s Blog.  We are listed on the Foodlink and The Canadian Business Directory listed below, as well as Ontario Fresh, Foursquare and Yelp. We are also listed in the Yellow Pages book.

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